Tuesday, August 25, 2009

why rails is majestic rails?

* Ruby on Rails includes features that help in increasing developer productivity. Some of the main features include the following:

* MVC/AGILE architecture: Ruby on Rails is based on the MVC (Model View Controller) architecture that enables the data to be separated from presentation. It's an agile web development framework.

* Database Access Library: Ruby on Rails includes a database access library - Active Record - that simplifies data handling in databases. Active Record automatically maps tables to classes and rows to objects.

* Libraries for common tasks: Ruby on Rails includes a host of libraries that simplify the coding of common programming tasks such as form validations, sessions management, etc.

* AJAX Library: An extensive library of AJAX functions is provided in the Rails framework. Ruby code can be used to generate AJAX code. The associated java scripting required for AJX gets generated automatically.

* Convention over configuration: Ruby on Rails does not have any XML configuration files. It includes simple programming conventions that can be used to specify the configuration parameters.

* Customized URL: Custom or Search Engine Friendly URLs can be developed using the Ruby on Rails framework.

* Debugging: Detailed error logs are provided, making it easier to debug applications.

* Components: Components can be used to store reusable code. Components can be included to modularize templates.

* DRY: Don't Repeat Yourself. You will get it when you actually write the rails code.

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